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Business Activities:


·          Sea & Air Freight Forwarding (Inbound/ Outbound)

·          Shipping agency/ Representative

·          Customs clearance services

·          Sea, Air, Land Logistics

·          Consolidating/ Distributing

·          Packing/ Removal Service

·          Total Door to Door Service

·          Trading/ Import & Export Authorization

·          Business Consultation & Management

·          Fair/ Exhibition Service

Through our international network of reliable agents and well-trained, experienced team of staff, we assure to provide comprehensive rang of Freight Logistics and Forwarding Servies.


International Freight Forwarding: whether by air or sea, Hanh An offeres complete Point-to-Point Coordination where a shipment is handled at its point of origin up to the point of final delivery. We also provide multimodal transportation – Sea-Air-Land. Through this service, the exporters and importers are confident that their cargoes are attended to most efficiently and professionally.


Freight Logistics Services: Hanh An handle all transportated related services for export and import documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, packing, trucking, distribution and door to door service.


Shipping agency/ Presentative: as per Vietnam national Law, foreign freight forwarders, ship-owners are not allowed to set up their own companies in Vietnam. As such we will be their Represent here to handle their business.


Moving: household goods, personal effects removal are handled professionally.


Project cargo: specialises in the handling of unusal sizes and volumes cargoes for delivery to any destination by road/sea/rail.


Trading/ Import Export Authorization: besides Freight Logistics and Forwarding services, we also have function of trading of some commodities: wooden handicraft products, machinery, stationery, sea / agricultural food, electricity…In addition, we are authorized to import or export on behalf of our customers.


Business Consultation and Management: Being well- versed in import and trade documentation, our customs clearance experts consult in details upon client’s request to assist our clients in getting best solutions for their business.


In addition, in current competitive global economy, we consult most clients to consider of trade term for their bussiness especially for imported cargo that assist them keep activevity to control their business.

Have you ever considered change to C & F or CIF term if you always buy under FOB for imported cargo in the past? Traditionally, almost importers always buy C & F or CIF term & their sellers keep the right for shipping/ transportation. This business way has caused importers various problems: high local charges, freight cost, lack of information & control.


We, Hanh An is very proffesional in handling Ex-work & FOB shipments for cargo imported into Vietnam and you can find how good your shipments are taken care and how much you save more cost than you are currently paying.


Exhibition service: well- experienced in handling exhibitied goods, we will deliver cargo to booth of Exhibition Fair safely & in time. We also return the shipment to the point of origin or to onforward to the next  Exhibition Fair. In case the exhibited goods sold all or partial at Fair, we will handle tax matter with the government and continous jobs.


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